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Dear friends, colleagues, and clients,
After long and careful consideration, it is finally here - R.O.S Law Office OÜ. 

I have been dealing with law since 1997, which includes eight years of work at the Tax Board (and then at the Tax and Customs Board), nearly five years in an international real estate listed company, and then nearly four years in the largest industrial corporation in the Baltics (not to omit 10 years of academical work educating young lawyers). Over these years, in addition to knowledge, I have acquired such vast experience in a wide variety of areas of law and thus it was high time to set up my own law firm and to share my knowledge and experience with you. 

You are most welcome with your minor and major problems and thoughts. Surely, we can find a solution! 

Sincerely yours,
Rainer Osanik 
R.O.S Law Office has signed memorandum of cooperation with V4Legal Law Firm

12 replies

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