R.O.S Law Office has signed memorandum of cooperation with V4Legal Law Firm

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R.O.S Law Office has signed memorandum of cooperation with V4Legal Law Firm. V4Legal is an international group of law firms providing comprehensive legal and advisory services through its five branches in the Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland and via cooperation partners in the Lithuania and Belarus.

Being a part of V4Legal cooperation network, R.O.S Law Office can now offer to its clients’ high professional level legal assistance and counseling in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania and Belarus. 

For more information about V4Legal please visit www.v4legal.eu  

If You have need for legal help in abovementioned countries, please contact to info@roslaw.ee

Per aspera ad astra
R.O.S Law Office was nominated as „Trustworthy Company 2016“.

12 replies

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