R.O.S Law Office has received an authorization to provide trusts and company services

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In accordance to the Commercial Code of Estonia, an undertaking, inter alia, the branch of a foreign company, may in addition to its address submit to the registrar the Estonian address of one person, which can be used for the delivery to such person of the procedural documents of the undertaking and the declarations of intent addressed to the undertaking. In the situation where member(s) of the board of such undertaking do not reside in Estonia, the law obligates to appoint such a person to whom procedural documents of the undertaking should be delivered.

If until now the person entitled to receive such documents could have been any natural or legal entity, who was entered in the commercial register as “person competent to receive documents”, then since the amendments to the Commercial Code that came into force on 15th of  January 2018, such a person is called a "contact person" and such person can be only a notary, a notary office, an attorney, an attorney office, a sworn auditor, an audit company, a tax representative of a non-resident (authorization is issued by the Tax and Customs Board) or a provider of the trusts and company services (authorization issued by the Police and Border Guard Board). 

As a result of prior mentioned, it is not allowed to any person who is not listed above, to be entered in the commercial register as a contact person. 

On 8th of January 2018, Police and Border Guard Board has granted to R.O.S Law Office an authorization to provide trusts and company services. Such an authorization allows us to provide to our clients:

1) foundation of a company or another legal person, including acts and steps related to the transfer of shareholding;

2) acting as an officer or management board member in a company, as a partner in a general partnership or in such a position in another legal person, as well as arrangement of assumption of such position by another person;

3) enabling use of the address of the seat or place of business, including granting the right to use the address as part of one’s contact details or for receiving mail as well as providing a company or another legal person, civil law partnership or a legal arrangement with services relating to the aforementioned;

4) acting as a representative or trustee of a trust or that of a civil law partnership, community or a legal arrangement, or the appointment of another person to such position;

5) acting as a representative of a shareholder of a public limited company or arrangement of the representation of a shareholder by another person.

R.O.S Law Office was nominated as „Trustworthy Company 2016“.
R.O.S Law Office has received AAA CLASSIFICATION

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